The Reality Check Experiment

TRCE is a 4-piece musical project that fuses together various genres of original music and jams to create an eclectic and unforgettable experience. The jams combine atmospheric sounds with groovy funk rhythms, culminating in an energetic peak moment. Join the experiment today!

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~ Upcoming Experiments ~

Date Event Location Ticket Link
March 10th, 2023 Zapp Factory Grand Opening Philadelphia, PA Tickets
March 24th-25th, 2023 Goose After Party @ The Zapp Factory Philadelphia, PA TBD
April 27th-30th, 2023 Some Kind of Jam 17 Kempton, PA Get Tickets
June 9th-10th, 2023 In & Out Of The Garden 23' Morrisville, PA TBD
July 28th-30th, 2023 Weekend at Berthas Townsend, Delaware Get Tickets
  • Live Experiments

    Never experience the same thing twice with uniquely ordered setlists weaved together with improv jams.

    Live Experiments 
  • Studio Music

    Unique and immersive studio tracks produced by us. Find our tracks on your favorite streaming platforms.

    Jam Out 
  • Couch Jams

    Need to hear back? Maybe you couldnt make it, dont fret! Hit the Jukebox to catch past experiments!

  • Music Festivals

    Feel the vibes of the experiment at your favorite music fests and our annual "Experifest".

The Reality Check Jukebox (Close your device and keep jamming!)
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