The Reality Check Experiment

The ultimate modern psychedelic community connecting minds through live music & visual experiences.

What is an Experiment?

An experiment is what we call our performances. You can experience them in person or on our livestreams.

Where does it all go down?

Join us at the bi-weekly "Zapp Test" at "The Zapp Factory" the secret Philadelphia venue. If you order a free ticket on this site, we will email you the address upon receving your order.

  • Notable Appearances:

    Some Kind Of Jam 17 (April 2023)

    In & Out of the Garden (2021, 2022, & 2023)

    Weekend At Bertha's (July 2023)

  • Live Experiments

    Never experience the same thing twice with uniquely ordered setlists weaved together with improv jams.

  • Studio Music

    Unique and immersive studio tracks produced by us. Find our tracks on your favorite streaming platforms.

  • TRCE Jukebox

    Need to hear back? Maybe you couldnt make it, dont fret! Hit the Jukebox to catch past experiments!

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